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Zhejiang Ming tong Bamboo Charcoal Products Co.,Ltd

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Bamboo charcoal fiber the zhejiang Ming Co., LTD. Is engaged in the new materials, new technology, new product research and development and application of high-tech enterprise. The company committed to the development of high technology and environmental protection textiles, through global layout, product marketing around the world. The latest development of new yarn is suitable for all knitting field, will foreign latest fashionable environmental protection concept to a customer, and domestic transmission brand clothing company hand in hand to cooperate, create the high grade enterprise image.
Bamboo charcoal fiber core technology is lies in the will of the nano, bamboo charcoal ultrafine powder through the special nanometer level bamboo charcoal technology and other chemical fiber effective into silk, so as to achieve the ability of the final purpose of modification of chemical fiber. This is the bamboo charcoal fiber and other fiber different characteristics lies.
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